New Book By Award-Winning Journalist Spells Out The Dangers in Dog Nutrition Products


News appeared at PRLog

Many dog owners do not know that their pets can die from food toxins and improper diet, but the information is provided in Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets. Researcher and author Sylvia Dickens put together this package after discovering how dangerous certain food ingredients are to dogs.

It informs other dog owners how to ensure their pets receive proper nutrition and avoid the risks posed by toxins and human foods. All is explained at

“When three of my dogs died from kidney-related diseases, I couldn’t help wondering why that particular disease seemed to be so common,” she explains. “My next dog died from cancer so I decided to conduct some research in the hope of protecting my current and future dogs from similar fates.”
With her skills as a journalist, she investigated the causes and discovered that dog food and other toxins were often pinpointed. She discovered that there are food additives and ingredients that can actually do a dog more harm than good, like gluten and certain chemicals used in the processing stage.

While additives have been suspect for many years in human food, other issues came to light that were somewhat alarming. Dogs cannot eat certain human foods because they are toxic and can cause any number of problems, from digestive upset to kidney damage seizures and even death.

“When I found out that I could very well have caused my own dogs’ illnesses, I decided that the information must get out to other dog owners,” she says. “I love dogs and the thought that their owners might be oblivious to these potential dangers, I decided to put all my knowledge together into this Healthy Dog Nutrition Secrets package.”

She covers some interesting facts about such things as economy versus premium dog food, why you might not be able to trust your vet’s recommendations, and how you can make sure the information you find is reliable by referring to certain official web sites and organizations that oversee dog food production. The book also explains why some sites can provide questionable content and how to spot such sites.

For additional information, visit The package contains a wealth of information about dog food as well as tips on dog first aid, basic training and dog care. It is available as a download.

Sylvia Dickens is an award-winning journalist with 30 years’ experience researching and writing on a variety of newsworthy events. Since going into semi-retirement nine years ago, she has launched several web sites that provide information on many topics including self help, fitness, travel, dog training and dog nutrition.

Contact Information:

Sylvia Dickens, Journalist & Author


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