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Mark your calendars for Wednesday, October 28. That’s the day you can participate in Virtual Petfood Forum: Focus on Nutrition, the first ever online forum for the global petfood industry. And it’s free! (You do have to register to attend.)

What’s a virtual or online forum, you might ask? It’s similar to an in-person conference and trade show, with a seminar schedule, exhibit hall, networking lounge and media room. The key difference is that you visit and participate in all these activities from your own desk and computer, coming and going throughout the day as your schedule dictates. (You can also visit an archive of the event afterward.)

For Virtual Petfood Forum, the conference sessions will focus on companion animal nutrition; please stay tuned for specific topics and speakers. These will be presented via webinars, which consist of a PowerPoint presentation and a live audio feed of the speaker talking in real time. Forum attendees can participate in a live chat during each session, including posting questions or comments for the speaker to address at the end.

The exhibit hall consists of key industry suppliers sharing in-depth content on their products and services, as well as the research behind it. The content may include white papers, podcasts and videos, for example, all of which you can download into your virtual “briefcase.”

In the networking lounge, you can see all the other participants logged on at the same time and hold live chats with them.

Virtual Petfood Forum is ideal for petfood professionals who are unable to travel to our live Petfood Forum events. And even people who do attend the live events will gain knowledge and value from the online event.

For an example of a virtual event, check out the archive of the recent Watt Online Animal Health & Nutrition Forum for animal agriculture industries. (Watt is the parent company of Petfood Industry and Petfood Forum.) Registration is required but is free; you can view the archive through July 28, 2009.

The pet food institute

Watch for more information, plus registration, for Virtual Petfood Forum, coming soon! Meanwhile, please save the date: October 21.



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