It doesn’t matter how many carbohydrates dogs and cats get because why?

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Posted on June 9, 2009 by holisticpetfood


You’ll get a kick out of this. Some veterinary nutrition textbooks actually say that it doesn’t matter how many carbs a dog or cat NEEDS … ’cause the commercial foods have them, anyway. Say what?! Shouldn’t the “experts” advise us on what the dogs and cats need and let the pet foods be made accordingly? Canine and Feline Nutrition ( co-authored by two scientists from Iams®): “The fact that dogs and cats do not require carbohydrate is immaterial because the nutrient content of most commercial foods include (carbohydrates).

(1) Small animal Clinical Nutrition III, written by the founder of Science Diet® (Mark Morris Sr.) and his son (Mark Morris Jr.): “Some question exists regarding the need of dogs and cats for dietary carbohydrate. From a practical sense, the answer to this question is of little importance because there are carbohydrates in most food ingredients used in commercially prepared dog foods.”

(2) The Waltham Book of Companion animal Nutrition: “There is no known minimum dietary requirement for carbohydrate….”

(3) 1. Case: Cary, and Hirakawa, Canine and Feline Nutrition, Mosby, 1995. 93. 2.

Morris, Mark, Lewis, Lone and Hand, Michael, Small Animal Clinical Nutrition III, Mark Morris associates, 1990. 1-11. 3. Burger, I., Ed.

The Waltham Book of Companion Animal Nutrition, pergamon 1995. 26-27: 10

Teresa Holladay

The Holistic Pet Food Blog at Independent HealthyPetNet rep



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